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Nichirin Blades are special blades used by and made specifically for the Demon Slaying Corps to slay Demons. They are forged from a unique ore that constantly absorbs sunlight, one of the only major weaknesses of Demons. Therefore, decapitation by Nichirin Blade is one of the only ways a human can kill a Demon, the other being the use of a Wisteria-poison coated weapon.

Nichirin Blades take on a distinct color when first drawn by its owner, which is why they are also referred to as "The Color Changing Swords". However, the holder is required to have a certain amount of skill, or the blade will not change color.


Nichirin Pink Blade

The Nichirin blade of pink is the symbol of the Breath of Love style. The Breath of Love style has six styles within it, all created by Mitsuri Kanroji. This style is a follow up to the Breath of Flames style, created specifically by Mitsuri for her powerful yet small body type.


  • Blade: Cosplay ready foam blade
  • Scabbard: Plastic
  • Handle: Plastic


Blade Material: EVA Foam

Overall Length: 41"

Blade Length: 30"

Handle Length: 11"