One Piece - Zoro - Shussui

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- Roronao Zoro carried many swords through out the show One Piece. Currently he carries three swords and shusui is one of them. In fact this sword is one of the more powerful sword that Zoro carries. The replica comes with a rosewood black scabbard with the pink symbols along its length just like the anime. The handle is nylon wrapped. The guard is all metal with a gold finish. The blade is stainless steel and dual tone construct.



  • Overall Sheathed Length: 41"
  • Overall Un-Sheathed Length: 38"
  • Blade Length: 27"
  • Blade Material: stainless steel
  • Handle length: 11"
  • Handle: Black Nylon Wrapped Over White Faux Ray Skin
  • Includes: Black Rosewood Scabbard





440 Stainless Steel Blade

42" Overall Length

30" Blade